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Yoga Hiking

Mixing yoga and the outdoors is a very rewarding experience! Join us as we embark on trail based adventures with a little yoga thrown in for your enjoyment! These hikes start with a short yoga session then we hike for a couple of miles to a view point and enjoy a 20 to 30 minute yoga session and then we hike back out and do a cool-down yoga session. Our Yoga Hiking Guides are a minimum 200 hr RYT and AHGA certified Hiking Guides.


  • North Central & North West NJ
  • Monmouth County, NJ
  • Ralph Stover State Park, PA
  • Catskill Mountains, NY
  • Crowders Mountain State Park, NC
Cost Per Person:
One Person - $35.00

What's Included: Certified 200 hr. registered yoga instructor, AHGA certified Hiking Guide

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Immerse yourself in nature and find your flow on the water. Join us as we flow through a yoga practice on the water, challenging our balance and strength ~ body, mind and spirit. Cultivate and deepen core strength and stability while staying fluid. Whether you are a seasoned yogi and paddler or brand new to the practice, our teachers craft a perfectly balanced experience for you.

Our yoga flow is a moving meditation, connecting you with the energies of the water beneath us and nature around us. Class begins with land instruction to review water safety, board anatomy and basic strokes. After spending time getting comfortable paddling on the water, anchors are dropped and you are guided through a responsive and progressive yoga flow that delivers the perfect balance of zen and strength, calm and challenge, immersion and release.

We end with a sweet calming savasana, lulled into a state of complete relaxation by the movement of the water beneath you, at one with the elements around you. This practice will transform your studio and home practice; this practice will transform you.


  • Maple Cove, Red Bank, NJ
  • Sandy Hook NRA, NJ (not available yet)
Cost Per Person: ​
$42.00 for students & active or retired military/service members

What's Included: Stand up paddleboard, paddle, lifevest, first aid kit, WPA certified instructor

Outdoor Yoga Session

Our Outdoor Yoga sessions run for an hour and a half like your standard yoga session but are based in an outdoor setting. This is a great way to practice yoga and enjoy the outdoors! We meet in a specified location in the park just before the start time. Ages 12+. Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian.


  • Monmouth County, NJ
Cost Per Person:

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