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Animal Tracking

During this 4 hour course you will learn the basics of animal tracking in a wilderness setting. We will be working on and off-trail tracking animals in their natural environment. Trailside lessons and instruction make this a great course for all ages!


  • Monmouth County NJ (various locations)
  • Rockaway NJ
  • North Central & North West NJ
  • Columbia NJ
  • Catskills NY

​Cost Per Person: ​$65
Course Length: 4 hours

*Please call our office for group rates (800) 543-5905

Man Tracking (Human)

During this 4 hour course you'll learn all there is to know about tracking a human/subject through varying terrain. This is a great course for law enforcement, search & rescue teams, military personnel, scouting organizations or anyone looking to learn these skills.


  • Monmouth County NJ
  • Sussex County NJ
  • Warren County NJ
  • Columbia NJ
  • Northeast PA
  • Central Eastern PA
  • Catskills NY
  • New Paltz NY

​This course can also be run at a location of your choice with proper notice. Please call or email our office to make those arrangements.

Cost Per Person: $65

Course Length: 4 hours

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