Learning how to track animals and humans is an art and takes patience. Animal tracking is used by hunters or fauna enthusiasts. Human or "man-tracking" is used by search & rescue personnel, law enforcement and military personnel. We run public courses and also offer courses for municipal/county/state & federal law enforcement, military and search & rescue personnel.

If your organization or agency would like a customized course at your location, please contact our office (800) 543-5905 We have instructors with various security clearance levels and have worked with the US Marshals, Special Forces, Special Operations, FEMA and various other agencies.

Course Information

Animal Tracking

During this 4 hour course you will learn the basics of animal tracking in a wilderness setting. We will be working on and off-trail tracking animals in their natural environment. Trailside lessons and instruction make this a great course for all ages!


  • Monmouth County NJ (various locations)
  • Rockaway NJ
  • North Central & North West NJ
  • Columbia NJ
  • Catskills NY

​Cost Per Person: ​$65
Course Length: 4 hours

*Please call our office for group rates (800) 543-5905

Man Tracking (Human)

During this 4 hour course you'll learn all there is to know about tracking a human/subject through varying terrain. This is a great course for law enforcement, search & rescue teams, military personnel, scouting organizations or anyone looking to learn these skills.


  • Monmouth County NJ
  • Sussex County NJ
  • Warren County NJ
  • Columbia NJ
  • Northeast PA
  • Central Eastern PA
  • Catskills NY
  • New Paltz NY

​This course can also be run at a location of your choice with proper notice. Please call or email our office to make those arrangements.

Cost Per Person: $65

Course Length: 4 hours

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