Mountain Rescue and Search & Rescue

Training for Ground, Low and High-Angle Terrain

Train to be a wilderness search and rescue and/or mountain rescue volunteer or professional in Lincroft, NJ

Hikers, bikers and campers can go missing for a variety of reasons, including accidents, foul play, mental health problems and natural disasters. It's crucial to try finding them within the first 24 hours to increase their chance of survival.

Whether you're a first responder or a wilderness search and rescue volunteer, the pros at Northeast Mountain Guiding in Lincroft, NJ can teach you everything you need to know about tracking, first aid and safe extraction methods. We've been instructing mountain rescue and Search & rescue courses for over 12 years and have trained some of the top MR teams in the world!

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What will you learn in our course?

Wilderness search and rescue is necessary any time individuals are believed to be in distress, lost or imminent danger. Learn the best ways to handle any search and rescue situation by attending our basic training.

We'll teach you how to:

  • Follow proper ground search procedures
  • Select the proper equipment for your search & personnel
  • Secure injured patients to transport them safely to definitive care
  • Use ropes to raise and lower people on low & high angle terrain
Although we have set locations for most of our training, we also offer custom sessions as long as we can acquire the proper permits.

For more information about our search and rescue training, call 800-543-5905 now.

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Course Information

Intro to Wilderness Search & Rescue

During this 3 day/24 hour course you'll learn all of the basics of the Wilderness Search & Rescue industry. This course is for anyone interested in volunteering or starting a career as SAR personnel. You'll learn common navigations practices used in SAR, human tracking, Class III rope skills, search management, wilderness survival, campcraft, equipment selection/use, patient packaging and much more!


  • Byram Township, NJ
  • Lincroft, NJ

​*This course can be run in your location. Please call our office to speak with a representative about requirements and pricing.

Cost Per Person: $325

Course Length: 3 days/24 hours (1 overnight)

What's Included: All group gear is included: technical gear, tents, cooking equipment, water filtering/purifying equipment, maps, helmet, harness.

Our instructors have over 25 years of experience in the Mountain Rescue and Search & Rescue industries and are full-time professionals in this field.

Intro to Mountain Rescue

This course is for any individual who would be a first responder to a subject injured or stuck in mountainous, high angle terrain (Class IV or Class V). During this 2 day, course you'll learn all of the necessary skills to access, stabilize, lower/raise a subject in this type of terrain.


  • Byram Township, NJ
  • Pipersville, PA
  • Catskills, NY
  • Blairstown, NJ
​*Other optional locations, please call to book these:
  • Columbia NJ
  • Blairstown NJ
  • Stockton NJ
  • Pipersville PA
  • Catskills NY
  • Crowders Mountain NC
  • Oak Creek Canyon/Flagstaff AZ
  • Adirondacks NY​

Cost Per Person: $225

Course length: 2 days/16 hours​

What's Included: All technical equipment (personal and group), certified climbing guide/mountain rescue professional.

*If you would like to run this course at a location of your choice with your department, squad, unit, etc. please contact our office (800) 543-5905

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