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Professional Rescue Swimmer

(Maritime | Open-Water | SAR | Rescue Boat Ops)

If your agency has rescue-craft and swim fins, your people deserve this training (If you work with helicopters, we've got that covered too). This is a great course for fire rescue teams, water SAR teams, dive teams, water rescue teams and even a swiftwater team looking to advance into a different skillset. Swiftwater rescue techniques are great for what they are designed for, but once you throw a rescue-craft and open water into the equation, they don't prepare rescue personnel for what they will face. The dynamic of deploying a Rescue Swimmer from a small craft, with or without tending line, and recovering the swimmer and survivor safely back to the rescue-craft is a discipline entirely unto itself. Our Rescue Swimmer courses will give rescue-techs, crew members, and boat coxswains the training they will need to complete maritime rescues successfully, and get all equipment and personnel back safely. While swiftwater rescue has become a well established discipline, open-water rescue swimmer operationss remain an elusive subject taught by few, and understood by even fewer. Our instructors have the rare, real-world experience to give your agency what they need to mitigate the vast risk involved with such a discipline.


  • ‚ÄčNorthern Jersey Shore
  • Central Jersey Shore
  • Navesink River

*If you have a location in mind for this course please call our office and we can research it to be sure it is the proper training environment for this course.

Cost Per Person: $600 USD Per Person

Course Length: 4 days

Our Vice President and Rescue Swimmer course designer, Matt Novellino, is a former Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer and Army Special Forces maritime operations team member. On the civilian side, Matt has instructed Rescue Swimmer courses to various fire and law enforcement agencies in the US and Asia.

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