Here at Northeast Mountain Guiding we employ some of the best guides and staff in the Outdoor Adventure and Education industry, as well as the search & rescue/mountain rescue industry.

All of our lead guides hold credentials and years of experience in the discipline they are guiding and/or instructing. Our assistant guides hold minimum credentials for the activity or division they are working in while being mentored by our lead guides, field directors and/or division directors.

We offer free training for all of our staff and strive for our guides to work toward excellence and an expert level in their discipline. You will become a professional working here at NMG! We have full-time, part-time and per-diem staff working all over the United States with a main focus on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. We have trained everyone from your average public customer to all branches of the US military. On average, with our river division out of this mix, we have between 100 and 350 customers a day in various locations doing various activities like rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, yoga hiking, canyoneering, etc. We do not have just one outing/trip a day. We have around 15 to 20 activities scheduled daily during our peak season. Our river division, being our most popular and busiest, launches 40+ people in river tubes, kayaks and canoes every hour during the day from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

To apply for employment here, you can start by calling our office or emailing us to start the process. From there, someone will conduct a phone interview going over how our company is structured and answer any questions that you may have about our company. The next step is paperwork, background checks, credential auditing (if applicable) and a working interview. Our working interviews vary but usually involve an applicant working with our guides conducting an activity to gauge their soft and hard skills or potentials.

Working in this industry is amazing! It is not a job for everyone but a goal or passion for most. Take that step toward the job of a lifetime and give us a call TODAY!

Phone: (800) 543-5905 or (732) 924-5057