Learn How to Prepare for Any Disaster or Situtation

Knowing how to prepare yourself, your family and your friends for natural disasters, pandemics or any similar survival type situation is a necessity. When taking a course from one of our experts, you'll leave with the knowledge to handle that situation with ease and confidence. From hurricane preparedness, floodwater training, food prepping & planning, wilderness survival and much more! We have your needs covered! Emergency Preparedness training in Lincroft NJ and the surrounding areas.

We can customize a course or training for you and your group! You can enroll in a course at our locations or have one at your location or residence. Or you can sign up for one of our topic specific courses!

Topics Instructed:
- Wilderness Survival
- Floodwater & Swiftwater Disaster Training
- Hurricane & Natural Disaster Preparedness
- Food Prepping & Meal Planning
- Wilderness & Emergency Medicine

Give us a call in our office to discuss scheduling a course for you! Or go to our contact us page and send your questions!